Radiators for Small Rooms

If you haven’t been blessed with a spacious bathroom, there is no need to panic with our choice of small designer radiators; they are sure to make a statement no matter the size or layout of your room!

You can create a cosy atmosphere and enhance the look of your home with our range of modern tiny radiators, available in a variety of colours to fit in seamlessly with your interior scheme. You will feel the warmth as soon as you walk through the door with their efficient systems, especially through our small double radiators that will emit plenty of heat for your small space, thanks to their efficient bar style design. If you’re unsure of how much heat output you require to heat up your room, then make use of our handy BTU calculator.

Small black radiator, close up with tap like valves against a pink wall with black and white geometric flooring

Above, Black Traditional 4 Column Towel Radiator

Small radiators for different rooms

We offer plenty of radiators in both modern and traditional ranges to suit all small bathrooms, cloakrooms and ensuites. If you have a smaller interior or room, our small radiators will comfortably fit into those limited wall and floor spaces that you may have previously neglected. From small radiators for kitchens to small radiators for bedrooms, we’ve got it all to make sure you make the most out of your space whilst still providing the ultimate warmth.

We love radiators because they aren’t just for the bathroom! You can choose a radiator that will make a statement in every room of your home. Slim radiators make your life in a small space that little bit easier, and with our vast selection of modern vertical radiators, you can squeeze one onto the wall you thought you couldn’t! These are the ideal small radiators for kitchens and small radiators for bedrooms; you can guarantee heat up every corner of your home. What’s more, have you checked out our ultra-slim radiators, which are perfect for those areas of the room with unused wall and floor space? If not, these might be the answer to all your heating woes! 

Thin white radiator against a grey wall with a white and wooden staircase

Above, Athens White Double Column Vertical Traditional Radiator

Radiators for small bathrooms

When it comes to heating up your small bathroom, you want something that does the job without compromising on space. That’s why we’ve got everything from traditional towel racks in a variety of sizes to tall vertical radiators that don’t take up any floor space.

Speaking of small radiators for bathrooms, our chic towel rail radiators are the perfect option for your small bathroom. Heated towel radiators complete the look of a cosy, inviting bathroom with the practical use of warming your towels on those chilly mornings. 

Depending on your personal style, we offer a catalogue of different bathroom and cloakroom radiators to elevate your room from anthracite radiators, flat panel radiators to designer radiators.

Small radiators for cloakrooms are one less thing you need to worry about when renovating or even updating your room. With our huge selection of designer radiators, your radiator can become a focal feature of your room. With our fun, vibrant colour options for those who want to make a bold statement to the traditional earl grey radiators to suit those more understated interiors – we’ve got it all. 

Modern apartment with a small white radiator and open window

Above, Athens White Double Column Horizontal Traditional Radiator

Small energy efficient radiators

Increase the efficiency of your heating with our collection of tall slim radiators and take control of your fuel bills. You can create warm and inviting rooms with our space-saving radiators options. If you don’t want to compromise on already limited space, why not invest in one of our stylish, completely flat radiators that are flush to the wall. 

We can recommend tiny radiators for every area in your home – available in different colours and sizes! From grey, white and black column radiators to a range of chrome and anthracite radiators. Heat up any sized room with our stunning range of designer radiators.

small grey radiator against a brick wall

Above, Faro Anthracite Single Flat Panel Horizontal Radiator

If you’re unsure of what will work best for your space, ask us! Or take a look at our handy radiator buying guide.