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You’ll be spoiled for choice with our extensive range of radiators, available in a variety of colours, sizes and styles to suit each room in your home.

Will changing my old radiators make a difference?

Modern radiators tend to have better heat output due to improvements in their design, so it is beneficial to switch old ones out. In addition to this, a new radiator can really make an impact on a space, as the right style can make a statement or simply flow better with the design of your home. 

What styles of radiators are available?

Traditional Column Radiators are the perfect choice for a period style home as they are full of character and charm. If you’re looking for a contemporary appearance, our flat panel Modern Radiators are sleek and sophisticated, great for a minimalist look. White radiators are a classic choice for the home as they fit into almost every design scheme. However, there are some other options available that will look incredible in your home such as shimmering chrome radiators, trendy grey radiators or statement black radiators. The choice is yours and you can really have fun integrating these different styles into your home! 

What is the best radiator for a small space?

Horizontal Radiators are a classic choice for the home as they fit neatly into small, awkward areas such as underneath window sills and staircases. If you have a narrow gap for a radiator, or you’re looking to save wall space, our Vertical Radiators offer the perfect solution. Sleek and stylish, they are a modern option for the home that creates a statement look wherever they’re placed.

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