Radiator Valves & Accessories

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Elevate your Warmth with our Radiator Valves and Accessories!

Are you on a mission to find the perfect finishing touches for your radiators or heated towel rails? Well you’re in the right place! Our carefully curated collection of radiator valves and accessories is here to add that flourish to your bathroom’s warmth and style. 

From sleek and modern to charmingly traditional, our range boasts an array of sizes, colours and finishes. Why settle for ordinary when you can match your radiator valves to your unique style and chosen radiator or heated towel rail? Whether you’re after a bold statement or a subtle complement, we’ve got you covered. 

Our radiator valves come in handy pairs, ensuring a seamless fit and functionality. A dynamic duo to keep your radiators running! There’s more! Dive into our selection of pipe connectors, radiator feet and t-piece connectors. These will not only boost the performance of your heating systems but also enhance their look! Talk about a win-win!

For those of us who like to get hands-on, we even stock radiator keys. These nifty tools are your ticket to bleeding your own radiators, keeping them in tip-top shape, and ensuring your space is cosy all year round. 

Explore our radiant range and find the perfect accessories to elevate your homes warmth and style!