Which Type of Radiator is Best for a Living Room?

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, but our radiators aren’t just for the bathroom! Radiators are a great, low-cost way to both heat your room and add a design feature at the same time. With that being said, the living room is probably the second cosiest room in the house (after the bedroom of course!)

Above, @bungalow_reno_project show off their style with our Athens Anthracite Triple Column Vertical Traditional Radiator.

Radiators for your living room

We’ll run through all the best options you have to heat your living room, from traditional white horizontal radiators to large or slimline vertical radiators with oval or chrome panels. Our contemporary radiators are also available in a great range of colours including white, grey, blue, purple and even yellow!

1. Living Room Radiators!

For those cold nights in with a takeaway, you’ll need all the heat you can get. So, for optimum heat output, our three and four bar radiators are the premium choice to heat your room. Whilst ensuring the heat is conducted quickly, a double panel radiator is a perfect option for heating a sizeable room without taking up any additional space – some would say just like a living room!

If you need to work out just how much heat you need to fully warm up your living room, head on over to our BTU calculator where you can figure out what you need to hit that temperature sweet spot.

Above, our double panelled Athens White Double Column Horizontal Traditional Radiator 600x785mm fits in perfectly with this living room.

2. Horizontal Living Room Radiators

Picture a radiator and you will probably automatically think of a horizontal one. That’s because horizontal radiators are the traditional option – but that doesn’t mean you can’t choose a modern style. What’s great about horizontal radiators is that they can fit in places that are impossible for a vertical radiator.

If you’ve got dead space under a window, a feature wall, or just fancy having it somewhere where you can utilise the space above it, then a horizontal radiator is the one for you. As usual, we have an array of colours and finishes that you can choose from to complement your room perfectly.

Pictured above, our White Triple Panel Horizontal Colosseum Traditional Radiator is an instant classic and complements pretty much any aesthetic (even if you decide to change it up!)

3. Vertical Living Room Radiators

Now, what do we have here? If you need to add a radiator to your room but fancy stepping it up a notch, a vertical radiator is an amazing way to add detail and design. We love how subtle the change is but how impressive the result looks. The opposite of a horizontal radiator (quite literally), a vertical radiator is great if you’re limited to vertical space as it makes the most of the wall length rather than width.

Is that what you’re looking for? Then take a peek at our Anthracite Double Flat Panel Vertical Radiator. The anthracite finish is something a little bit different without throwing off your whole design – plus it’s bang on-trend and will always look top-notch.

4. Small Living Room Radiators

So, you’re tackling a small space? There’s no need to have to compromise on your radiator in any way – trust us. We’ve taken popular designs and tailored them to suit rooms that don’t necessarily need or have the space for a large style – that doesn’t stop at living rooms either. More confined designs are great for cloakrooms, offices and utility rooms.

How cute is our Athens Anthracite Triple Column Horizontal Traditional Radiator? But don’t be fooled by the smaller nature… it still packs a punch! This particular design is part of our premium range featuring a streamlined flat panel design. This has been produced for highly efficient heat output which suits you down to the ground.

5. Stylish Living Room Radiators

Let’s have a look from a different angle – colour! Shockingly, radiators don’t always have to be white (although white is a definite classic.) We’ve got grey radiators, white radiators and chrome radiators which do the job perfectly with an added bit of design thrown in there too.

Above, our Athens Matt Black Double Column Horizontal Traditional Radiator looks stunningly bold against the white walls.

Which style have you used in your living room? We’d love to know! Tag us in your pictures on Instagram @bathroommountain.