Double Radiators

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Elevate Your Home with Our Versatile Double Radiators

Whether you’re renovating your bathroom or simply seeking to enhance your home warmth and ambience, our range of double radiators offers an array of options to suit every taste and requirement. 

Dive into our spectrum of colours, from classic whites that seamlessly blend into any interior design to bolder black radiators that act as a statement piece in the space. Even soothing greys for a touch of timeless elegance! Our range ensures your home radiates not just warmth, but style too! Our double radiators come in a variety of styles, whether you prefer the sleek lines of a modern design or the intricate patterns of traditional aesthetics, we have something for everyone and every design personality.

We understand that every space is unique, which is why our double radiator collection features a diverse range of sizes. From compact models perfect for snug spaces to larger radiators designed for bigger rooms in the house, you can be sure to find the perfect fit for your home. 

The finish of a radiator can transform its look and feel. Choose from glossy radiators for a sleek and contemporary look, matt radiators for a subtle and refined style, or chrome finish radiators for that extra sparkle. You can also tailor your radiator to your lifestyle. Our wall-mounted options save floor space in your room and add a modern touch. While our floor-standing radiators provide a classic look and easy installation. 

Each radiator in our collection boasts a quality finish, ensuring a long-lasting and durable radiator performance. Feel the warmth and the peace of mind, knowing you’ve invested in a radiator built to last. We provide accessible luxury with our double radiators, offering the perfect blend of style, quality and affordability. Enhancing the comfort and aesthetic of your home design is more achievable than ever! 

Browse our collection of toasty double radiators and discover the ideal combination of functionality and style to elevate your space!