Bathroom Suites Buying Guide

When you’re planning a new bathroom it makes sense to buy a suite. Not only does it ensure that your fittings match each other, but it also saves you money too. Suites are available to suit any kind of bathroom, whether you’re looking to build or renovate an en-suite, update a family bathroom or create a wet room in your home. You can buy suites with a standalone bath, a shower enclosure or a shower bath – whatever suits your needs.

Above, Hudson Traditional Basin & Toilet Set with 1800mm Roll Top Bath & Ball Feet

What is a bathroom suite?

A suite describes a combination of two or more bathroom fixtures that match. They always include a toilet and a basin – perfect for a small cloakroom – and for a larger room, you can add on a matching bath or shower.

The idea is that each item has features in common with the others. So a square toilet base would match a square-shaped basin and pedestal. Or there may be a design feature that repeats across all products, such as ridging or a signature curve.

white acrylic basin and toilet set with shower bath and glass screen bathroom suite

Above, Seattle Basin & Toilet Set with 1600x700mm Shower Bath & Panel Suite

Choosing the type of suite

First, you need to work out what you need – and what will fit – in your new bathroom space. The norm is for every home to have at least one bath, which is worth bearing in mind if you think you might look to sell your house in the future.

If you’re in your forever home, feel free to choose what works best for you. Some people just don’t feel the love for a bath – while for others there’s nothing better than a good long soak.

grey acrylic basin drawer vanity unit and back to wall toilet set

Above, Corsica Storm Grey Basin Drawer Vanity 500mm and Back To Wall Rimless Toilet Set

Bath suites

When planning your new bathroom suite there are a few considerations to make.

If you’re looking to combine a shower and a bath, there are plenty of suites featuring a P or L shaped bath. Both are designed to provide a bath with additional space and screening around one end for the shower. It’s the perfect blend of a bath and a shower enclosure. The main decision then is whether the shower will go at the left-hand or right-hand end of the bath.

If you’re looking for more of a ‘feature’ bath, such as a roll-top, double-ended bath or a D shape bath, you can choose these separately or as part of a suite. Make sure to shop the matching basins and toilets too!

There are plenty of bath suites to choose from, whether you like a modern look or a more classic feel. 

white acrylic basin and toilet set with freestanding bath suite in bathroom

Above, Seattle Basin & Toilet Set with 1500mm Freestanding Bath Suite

Shower suites

If your home already has a bath or you’re just not a fan, you might prefer to opt for a shower enclosure suite. These suites provide you with a toilet, a basin and a shower enclosure, all with a matching design. The main decision is the shape of the shower enclosure that you prefer. Generally, the options are a square or rectangular shower tray, or a quadrant shape which features a curved edge.

Depending on your preference, you then need to decide whether you want the shower door to slide open or pivot on a hinge. Bear in mind that a bi-fold door might be a good space-saving option. A fourth option is a wetroom panel, which is fixed in place. There is no moving door with this type.

White acrylic basin and toilet set with quadrant shower enclosure and stone tray bathroom suite

Above, Seattle Basin & Toilet Set with 900mm Quadrant Shower Enclosure & Stone Tray

Cloakroom suites

A cloakroom suite is designed for a smaller toilet space, providing a toilet and a basin. Depending on space, you can choose between two separate units, or a single all-in-one set, which provides toilet, basin and cupboard space altogether. This can be a great space saver and gives a smart, clean look to any small bathroom.

white acrylic cloakroom wall hung basin vanity unit and toilet set

Above, Trent Gloss White Cloakroom Wall Hung Basin Vanity 400mm and Toilet Set

Modern or traditional

There are lots of different ranges to choose from to suit every taste. Whether you’re seeking the clean lines of a modern suite or the timeless style of a traditional bathroom, there are plenty of options.

If a vanity unit appeals to you there are various colour options too, including white, grey, cream and wood effects.

white acrylic basin and toilet set with straight bath suite

Above, Austin Basin & Toilet Set with 1700mm Straight Bath Suite

Vanity unit, pedestal or wall hung sink?

We offer a wide range of bathroom suites to match any taste or storage need. Once you’ve chosen your bath or shower enclosure, the next decision is whether you will have a pedestal basin or a vanity unit. A vanity unit provides useful storage as well as hiding pipework for the sink.

You can choose between a wall hanging unit or one that stands on the floor. If a vanity unit suite appeals to you, take a look at our furniture bathroom suites. There are all kinds of style options, from wood-effect units, grey panelling, white or cream ranges.

A vanity unit doesn’t appeal to everyone, though. Many people prefer a pedestal basin for simple elegance. The pedestal hides pipework and waste and keeps everything clean and dust-free. Other options are wall hung sinks, which are a great space saver and their clean lines give a good sense of space as the floor beneath is kept clear. You could also consider a counter-top basin – although these are less commonly available as part of a suite.

white cloakroom vanity with 400mm basin and toilet set

Above, Quartz Gloss White Cloakroom Vanity with 400mm Basin and Toilet Set

What’s included in a bathroom suite?

Always check what is and isn’t included in the suite you’re interested in. Most will include a toilet, basin, bath or shower enclosure. You’ll need to buy the shower itself separately as well as taps, fixings, wastes and traps.

We make it easy to see what’s in and out of the deal at the bottom of each suite page.

white acrylic basin and toilet set with straight bath suite

Above, Portland Square Basin & Toilet Set with 1800x800mm Straight Bath Suite

How much do bathroom suites cost?

There are bathroom suites to suit every budget, from high-end luxury to good value basics. With our Essential Range, you can pick up a bath suite for less than £189. It’s ideal for a first-time buyer or a buy-to-let property. 

If you’re in your forever home, feel free to choose what works best for you. Some people just don’t feel the love for a bath – while for others there’s nothing better than a good long soak.

White acrylic vanity and toilet with L shaped shower bath and glass panel suite

Above, Avon 1100mm Vanity & Toilet with L Shaped Shower Bath & Panel Suite – Right Handed

What else will I need?

Your bathroom isn’t complete without a few other optional extras. Will you need a new radiator?  A heated towel rail or panel radiator can add a real touch of luxury, as well as keeping you cosy on those cold winter mornings. 

Don’t forget your shower system and taps. Choose from concealed shower sets, exposed showers, a rainfall showerhead or a handheld option.

There are taps to suite every budget and taste, from traditional cross head taps to waterfall-style mixers. Choose between wall-mounted taps or countertop – and have a look at the latest trend for black taps.

Every bathroom needs at least one mirror – and a mirrored cabinet is a great way to combine that with some useful storage. There are lots of options if you’d like to integrate lighting too, with an LED mirror cabinet. Bear in mind that unless you go for one of our battery-powered LED mirrors, you’ll need an electric supply in the position where this would be fitted.  

Once you’ve considered all the accessories, all that’s left to get is a good set of fluffy new towels! 

white acrylic basin and toilet set with P shaped bath and shower suite

Above, Denver Basin & Toilet Set with 1700mm P Shaped Shower Bath Suite – Right Handed

What do I need to consider before I order?

It’s so easy to purchase your bathroom suite, but make sure you’ve done some important checks before you click the ‘buy’ button. 

First, if you’re replacing your bathroom, will the suite join up with your existing plumbing? It’s far cheaper to keep the various fixtures in the same place, to save having to re-plumb all the pipework.  

It makes sense to create a detailed, scale drawing of your bathroom and make sure everything will fit in – don’t just hope! 

If it’s a new bathroom, show your plumber your bathroom plans and get them to flag any concerns or issues before you order.