Which Shower Tray to Choose?

When it comes to shower trays it may seem impossible to get your head around all the options you have available from different shapes, sizes and shower tray materials but it’s actually pretty simple!

Shower tray materials

Most shower trays are finished with smooth white acrylic which makes them look stylish and contemporary, comfortable to use and of course, easy to clean.

We also have shower trays that are made using stone resin, which is a material that mimics the appearance and durability of natural stone. By using stone resin, shower trays are built to last and they hold their rigidity.

If they don’t take your fancy, we also offer PU shower trays that are lightweight without compromising on strength. On top of all that, they are also very affordable!

Above, Hamburg Matt Black Easy Clean 8mm Quadrant Shower Enclosure

Shower tray shapes and sizes

Quadrant shower trays

Quadrant shower trays are built to fit a quadrant shower enclosure. This means they feature a curved design that can fit snugly into the corner of your bathroom. Quadrant trays are ideal if you need to maximise space, as they will give you more room to manoeuvre in the shower.

Above, Acrylic Quadrant Shower Tray

Offset quadrant shower trays

Offset quadrant shower trays are similar to quadrant shower trays in that they are designed to fit the corner of a bathroom. However, they are longer in shape with a more rounded corner. If you have a little more room but are still looking to maximise space with a curved, contemporary design, offset quadrant shower trays may be just what you’re looking for.

Above, London Offset Quadrant Stone Shower Tray

Rectangular shower trays

Rectangular shower trays are designed to fit rectangular shower enclosures. This type of shower tray will allow you room to manoeuvre and are well suited to shower enclosures that use sliding shower doors.

Above, Acrylic Rectangular Walk In Shower Tray

Square shower trays

Square shower trays are popular because of their ability to fit many types of bathroom layouts – great if you are looking to save on space.

Above, London Square Stone Shower Tray