The Best Things about Frameless Shower Doors, Panels and Enclosures

So, you’ve seen the fancy frameless shower screens in all the glossy magazines and scrolled through them on Pinterest and you’re questioning whether you can pull off a frameless shower enclosure yourself. The answer to that is – absolutely!

marble bathroom with frameless shower panel

Above, Copenhagen Easy Clean 8mm Wet Room Shower Glass Panel

How does a Frameless Shower Enclosure Help with Space?

A frameless shower enclosure is a popular choice when you haven’t got much square footage to play with. As light passes through the glass and isn’t blocked, it makes space appear larger. A design trick is that light makes a room bigger than it is, and frameless shower enclosures are a great way to maximise this light. The frameless design creates an open and airy feel which is ideal for smaller areas. If your space is slightly larger, a frameless shower enclosure adds to the modern and high-end feel, creating a bathroom that is sure to impress your guests!

The Magic of Frameless Shower Doors and EasyClean

Another thing we love about frameless shower enclosures and frameless shower doors is how easy they are to clean! Having a frameless shower screen with EasyClean is basically the height of bathroom luxury. If shower enclosure glass is labelled EasyClean, it means it has been treated with a special coating that encourages water to slide off instead of sticking to the surface. If less water sticks to your frameless shower door, there’s less to clean and less time is spent scrubbing the watermarks. Simple yet genius!

marble brick wall with frameless shower screen

Above, Copenhagen Easy Clean 8mm Walk Through Wet Room Shower Glass Panel 

Add a Premium, Designer Touch with a Frameless Shower Enclosure

Frameless shower enclosures are available in numerous designs. If you’re looking for something that makes you feel as though you are visiting a spa every time you shower or are looking to inject a product that has been inspired by the latest trends, there’s something that will definitely take your fancy.

Frameless Shower Screens and Glass Thickness

The bathroom is part of our everyday routine, but that doesn’t mean your shower screen can’t be luxurious (and affordable!) Our 8mm frameless shower enclosures are a great way to add a practical feature to your bathroom while embracing a spa-like feel. 8mm glass thickness is known to be sturdy yet sleek at the same time which is the perfect premium combination for your frameless shower enclosure.

marble bathroom with frameless walk in shower screen

Above, Copenhagen Easy Clean 8mm Pivotal Wet Room Shower Glass Return Panel 

What Is So Great About Black Frameless Shower Enclosure Panels?

Looking to make a design statement without seeing a hefty dent in your bank statement? Then a black frameless shower enclosure is just what you’re looking for. When it comes to interiors, black is back (not that we think it ever really left…) Black accessories are great for creating a sleek, yet impressive addition to your bathroom and that doesn’t have to stop at your frameless shower enclosure.

What Type of Frameless Shower Enclosure Should I Choose?

Can you see why we think frameless shower enclosures and frameless shower doors are pretty cool now? If you fancy one, you’re in the right place….