What to Consider: Toilet and Sink Vanity Units

Are you considering changing your bathroom furniture? A modern, stylish bathroom with excellent storage doesn’t just make your bathroom a tidier place, it also makes your bathroom a lot less stressful! If that’s not reason enough to start the search for your perfect vanity unit, then our guide to the benefits of modern toilet and sink vanity units should help do the trick.

Whether you spend your time in the bathroom getting ready to face the day ahead, unwinding after an action-packed day or spending some quality time with the kids at bath time, your bathroom is an integral part of your day to day life and an area where you’ll need to store the things you need to refresh or rest. This is where you need a toilet and sink vanity unit in your life!

Combined vanity unit against a brick wall, open window, hexagonal flooring

Above, Harper Gloss White Combination Vanity Basin and Boston Toilet

Is a toilet & sink vanity unit the right choice for me?

If you are looking for a compact, stylish addition to your bathroom that can transform the look of the space without turning your bathroom into a demolition site, look no further than a combined toilet and sink vanity unit. These bathroom additions are an invaluable choice to any bathroom space and can work with even the smallest of bathrooms to provide a practical, attractive solution to remodelling your bathroom.

Flexible in design and taking up minimal space, toilet and sink vanity units are a popular choice for many households – offering more space, storage and style with one easy fix. As a combined piece of bathroom furniture, this solution is also great value for money – which is just what you want to hear!

Small bathroom changes make a big difference when it comes to your bathroom, there is a fair amount to consider before you go making major changes. You’ll need to think about how much space you have, as well as what style you want to go for. Luckily, we have a number of options for you! If you are considering a storage solution for your home and have never thought about combined toilet and basin units, read on to get an idea of the benefits of this option before you take the plunge!

grey unit, white toilet, pink geometric flooring

Above, Monaco Slate Grey Combination Vanity Basin And Seattle Toilet 

Save space in small bathrooms

Toilet and sink vanity units can be the ideal compact solution for your bathroom, as these space-saving units are practical and functional. Your bathroom storage problems are taken care of with this piece of furniture that neatly conceals the plumbing and clutter. Combined toilet and basin units can work in small bathrooms and large bathrooms. Save additional space by using the storage within the unit to house your essentials, leaving your shelves and bathroom wondrously clear of unnecessary clutter, products and toys that get in the way.

Above, Avon Walnut Combination Vanity Basin and Denver Toilet

Easily transform the design of your bathroom

A stylish, modern unit can give your bathroom the overhaul it needs. With toilet and basin vanity units, you don’t need to worry about any structural bathroom work and further adjustments to your space, as these units can transform the look of your entire bathroom quickly and easily. What’s more, our toilet and sink units come in various different sizes, to help accommodate the existing set-up you have.

Versatile, compact and practical, another great benefit of a toilet and sink vanity unit is that you can find a unit to match your unique style and taste. With a number of different finishes and colours available, regardless of what bathroom you have, we have options to suit your ideal bathroom style as well as your bathroom size.

Just some of our colour finishes and effects include sophisticated white, cool grey, millennial green – or perhaps a stunning wood effect may tickle your fancy! You can even take your personalisation one step further with gold or black taps. Easy solutions, attractive designs and high-quality finishes are what we deliver – literally.

grey unit against a pink wall, grey and red triangular flooring

Above, Quartz Stone Grey Combination Vanity Basin and Seattle Toilet

Spend less time cleaning your bathroom

We’re all familiar with the states our bathrooms get into. Our compact, designer bathroom furniture designs are incredibly easy to clean, so you’ll be spending less time cleaning and more time relaxing. Unwind and make your bathroom a haven again.

grey unit with monochrome linear flooring, white brick wall

Above, Bermuda Dove Grey Combination Vanity Basin And Hudson Toilet

Which combined vanity unit will you choose?

Now the only question to ask yourself is which vanity unit should I go for? You use this room every day, and will most likely use it for years, so making sure you go for the best option for you is vital. With originality, personality and style offered with every product, our toilet and basin vanity units will provide you with an ideal solution that will benefit you for years to come.

From left to right, Avon Walnut Combination Vanity Basin and Atlanta Toilet, Bermuda Dove Grey Combination Vanity Basin And Hudson Toilet and Bermuda Chalk White Combination Vanity Basin And Boston Toilet