Furniture Buying Guide

feature double unit white

An important consideration for any bathroom is whether it needs furniture in addition to your sink, toilet, shower and bath.

The right bathroom furniture can add both style and storage to your space, making it both more luxurious and more functional.

There’s so much choice available today, though, that it can be tricky to decide on the right style, colour and size. Read on for our advice on how to make the right choice of furniture for your bathroom.

What is Bathroom Furniture?

Bathroom furniture describes items in your bathroom that add functionality. It generally means vanity units and other elements that provide storage and style beyond your bathroom’s essentials: a shower, a toilet, a bath and a pedestal sink. Cupboards and cabinets are also types of bathroom furniture as they’re the perfect solution for keeping your toiletries cluttering up the sink.

Bathroom furniture is growing in popularity, partly because of the vast range of designs and styles available. Many of us love the cohesive look that bathroom furniture brings to any space.

double unit with marble top

Above, @la_casa_lee uses our Lucia Chalk White Double Vanity Unit to create a charming look in their bathroom

How To Choose Bathroom Furniture

Measure your space

Measuring your room and planning where everything will go is an essential step in updating any bathroom.

Use an online app or draw the space out to make sure everything will fit and confirm what size each bathroom item needs to be. Be sure to make sure that you have space in the middle of the room to dress and dry yourself, and that the bathroom door can open and close effectively.  

white tape measure

Maximise a small room

Bear in mind that there are lots of space-saving options when it comes to bathroom furniture. Combined vanity units combine a sink and toilet and are ideal for smaller spaces like en-suites and cloakrooms. Choose a set with a short projection toilet to give you extra floor space in your room.

white combined vanity unit with geometric wall

Above, Avon Gloss White Combination Vanity Basin and Denver Toilet

Browse styles and colours

A statement piece of bathroom furniture can help you with the overall look and style of the room, so take a look at the options to see what you like. Colours range from white and wood tones to greys and black, while styles range from ultra-modern to a traditional Victorian look.

wall hung vanity unit in grey

Above, Bali Storm Grey Wall Hung Basin Drawer Vanity 1000mm -left Handed

Finishing touches

Spend a little time deciding on some of the smaller details, too. Do you prefer a gloss or matte finish? Both look great in any bathroom but it’s important to agree on a preference. Another consideration is whether you prefer doors or drawers in your chosen furniture. Both work well, but again you may prefer one over the other.


Do check your measurements before ordering your item – although you can always return a purchase if needed. Our pages also remind you what else you’ll need to perfect your bathroom so that you can add them to your order. Typical add-ons include taps, wastes and traps.


Most bathroom furniture is delivered pre-assembled. Fitting is straightforward, especially for floor-standing units. It’s usually best to hire a plumber to fit sinks, showers and toilets. However, if you fancy a bit of DIY, then we have plenty of ‘how-to’ videos to give you a head start.

Types of Bathroom Furniture

Sink vanity units

Most vanity units are freestanding, with a sink integrated into the top. Below the sink is a set of drawers designed to both conceal the sink pipework and provide useful storage space. There is a vast range of styles on offer, from traditional looks to suit an older home, to modern designs that will match most tastes.

grey vanity unit with a geometric flooring

Above, Bermuda Dove Grey Basin Vanity 800mm

Countertop vanity units

Some vanity units give you the option of a countertop sink, which can give a more unusual and stylish look to your bathroom. Countertop vanity units come in both floor standing and wall-hung options.

dark blue bathroom with a combined vanity unit

Above, Lucia Chalk White Double Vanity With Oak Top & Round Counter Top Basin

Wall hung sink units

Wall hung vanity units come in a range of styles and finishes to match your bathroom. Being wall-mounted, they free up the floor, which gives a useful feeling of space in a smaller bathroom, as well as a clean and stylish look.

wall hung vanity unit and toilet with geometric flooring

Above, Austin Gloss White Wall Hung Basin Drawer Vanity

Double sink vanity units

Perfect for a busy bathroom, a double sink vanity unit helps you and your family get ready at the same time, preventing that morning rush. Double sinks are an innovative option: not only do they create space for two, but they also provide ample storage space.

open double vanity unit

Above, Trent Gloss White Double Basin Drawer Vanity

Combined vanity units

Combined vanity units are available in a wide range of styles and colours to suit all bathroom designs. They provide a sink, storage and toilet with a hidden cistern, all in a single unit. Bear in mind that many units are reversible, helping to match your space and desired bathroom layout.

brown wood effect combined vanity unit

Above, Avon Walnut Combination Vanity Basin and Seattle Toilet

Back to wall units

A back to wall unit is a clever piece of furniture for your toilet, designed to give you a consistent look for your bathroom that hides pipework and gives a clean finish. Combine the Melbourne Earl Greyback to wall toilet with the vanity unit and storage cabinet in the same range to give a highly stylish look.

geometric flooring with back to wall unit and toilet

Above, Traditional Chalk White Slimline Back To Wall Unit And Hudson Toilet

Mirrors and cabinets

There are many options to add further storage to your bathroom, with furniture such as wall cabinets, mirror cabinets and freestanding cupboards. A mirror cabinet is a useful addition to any bathroom, with many models combining a mirror with storage, lighting and electrical charging points where you need them.

Tall storage cabinets, also called tallboys, are dedicated cabinets designed to provide maximum storage. Tall storage units can be floor standing or wall-mounted and are ideal for storing extra towels, toilet rolls and toiletries. A freestanding option can be repositioned around the bathroom as needed.

illuminated LED mirror cabinet with bluetooth speaker

Above, Haisley Illuminated LED Mirror Cabinet With BLUETOOTH Speaker