Why Anthracite Radiators are so Popular!

We’re shining a spotlight on anthracite radiators as we think they’re pretty stunning. We’ve got everything you need to grab your own, including anthracite radiator valves.

Anthracite Radiators

We’re here to tell you some surprising stuff about our radiators – they aren’t limited to the bathroom and they don’t always have to be white. We’ve got lots of colour options for you to choose from and even more variety for radiators to suit each room in your home.

We love radiators because they aren’t just for the bathroom. You can choose a radiator that will make a statement in every room of your home. So whether you’re looking for bathroom radiators, living room radiators, bedroom radiators or kitchen radiators, there is something for every space.

Grey towel rail against white marble tiles

Above, Madrid Anthracite Designer Heated Towel Rail 1200x600mm

If you’re not a fan of white radiators, anthracite radiators are a stylish way to jazz up your radiators without throwing off any existing décor. Anthracite radiators contrast wonderfully against a minimalist colour scheme, whilst quickly becoming an impressive focal point in your home. For these reasons, they have become a popular modern-day choice (and they’re all over Instagram too!)

We provide a variety of sizes and styles so you can be sure to find something to complement your interior. Available in a range of flat panel, oval tubed and colosseum styles, they add a sleek and definitive finish. You can also complete the look down to the last detail as we have some gorgeous anthracite radiator valves too! Don’t say we don’t spoil you…

Horizontal Anthracite Radiators

They’re a classic – but they’ve stayed a classic for a reason! Horizontal radiators are a staple piece in any home. Not only do they serve a function, they also reinforce an aesthetical design at the same time.

Our Athens Anthracite Triple Column Horizontal Traditional Radiator (below) is a clever little product. Although the design has been inspired by Victorian-inspired colosseum radiators, it will update your room in an instant. The period features alongside the matt finish creates a versatile anthracite radiator that differs from the norm and quite frankly, looks gorgeous!

grey radiator in a light grey and brown room with a staircase

Vertical Anthracite Radiators

Now what do we have here? Also known as ‘tall anthracite radiators’, vertical anthracite radiators are great for utilising space that you may have available vertically and not horizontally (almost like the name suggests, eh?) If you need to add a radiator to your room but fancy stepping it up a notch, a vertical radiator is an amazing way to add detail and design. We love how subtle the change is but how impressive the result looks!

Our Anthracite Double Flat Panel Vertical Radiators are just downright amazing. Not only is the colour completely on-trend, but the nature of the product itself really does make a statement. The contemporary design of this anthracite radiator will seamlessly complement the rest of your contemporary room – whether that is your kitchen, bathroom or living room!

Tall grey radiator against a brick wall

Choosing an Efficient Anthracite Radiator

The key things that you want from a radiator is high performance and efficiency, and you shouldn’t have to pay extra on heating bills to achieve it! We’ve basically improved your shopping experience with the use of our BTU Calculator which has been designed to calculate the BTU output of your room. We’ve also popped in some filters for when you are browsing ranges which will help you select all the radiators that relate to the BTU output you require.

tall grey radiator with a mirror against a grey brick wall

Above, Marseille Anthracite Single Vertical Mirror Radiator

If you need further information, have a peek at our buying guide!

Now you’ve read all about them, the chances that you want one are pretty high so we’ve included a handy little link below.