Radiator Panels: Single or Double?

So, you’re looking for a new radiator and you’re faced with all this talk about single and double panels – what does it all mean? Which one will you need? Fear not! We’re here to help you out.

First things first, the heat output you’ve calculated will influence whether you need a single or double – so bear that in mind as you’re looking! It is valuable to note that some radiators have different amounts of panels, depending on their size. The panel is the long metal tank that becomes filled with hot water. The heat that is given off from the tank will make your room warm and toasty. It is fairly straightforward – the larger panels will emit more heat or a trick to increase the heat without compromising on size.

Single Panel Radiators

If you’re looking to have a radiator in your room but aren’t keen on the look of a double-panelled radiator then this might be the option for you! As single panel radiators are generally slimmer, they may be better suited to fit underneath particular windows.

Above, Faro Anthracite Single Flat Panel Vertical Radiator 1800x420mm

Double Panel Radiators

Double panel radiators use two tanks as opposed to one. Because there are two panels, more hot water is able to flow into them and so they produce more heat. These are popular because of their simple design and effectiveness at heating a room. A double panel is a great option as you do not need to have two radiators. It increases your BTU without taking up the wall space.

Above, Marseille Anthracite Double Vertical Mirror Radiator 1800x500mm

So there we have it – easy! It’s all about how much heat you require in your room and the space you have available for it. Now you’re all clued up with hot knowledge, go and explore our entire range of designer radiators.

We hope that we’ve been useful and that you’re well on your way to picking the radiator of your dreams. Hot stuff!