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We want your shower to look as good as it makes you feel! We offer a huge selection of shower enclosures, cubicles and screens to make sure you can create the perfect shower experience for yourself.

What is the purpose of a shower screen?

Shower screens are designed to prevent the water from the shower from splashing out and soaking your beautiful bathroom! They are made from durable safety glass which is super easy to clean and maintain, as well as providing a stunning look for your bathroom. Here at Bathroom Mountain, we have a wide range of styles available to suit you.

How do I choose the right shower screen for my bathroom?

Firstly, you want to think about the size of your bathroom and what space is available for your shower. If you already have a shower in place, then it is a simple case of discovering what options are available for the size of that space. However, if you’re lucky enough to have the space available, why not consider a Walk In Shower Enclosure? We have some stunning options available such as the classic clear panelled screens or the popular black crittal style shower screens for a sleek, modern look. 

What is the best shower screen for a small bathroom?

With smaller bathrooms, it’s all about saving space. We have some wonderful options available that prioritise the space in your bathroom without compromising on style. Bi-fold shower screens fold inwards into the shower so that they do not take up any room on the outside. Similarly, sliding shower screens are a sleek and simple option that do not take up any room at all!

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