Baths: All Your Questions Answered

One thing that may affect your final decision on where you locate your bath is who is going to use it? If you’re looking for a bathtub for use in a busy family household, chances are you’ll want to make the most of your bathroom space. If you have small children, a deep freestanding bath may not be the best option as you may struggle when it comes to bath time.

Alternatively, you might like enough room for two so choosing a double-ended bath would be the best option for all-out comfort. Either way, who is going to use your bath is practicality that shouldn’t be overlooked.

Don’t forget to find out the measurements of your bath before you buy it. You’ll want to be sure that it will definitely fit in your bathroom and it’s always worth taking a measurement of your bathroom door frame so you know your tub will be able to fit through the door.

What are the different bath types?

Traditional Baths

Traditional baths are usually chosen for their timeless appeal and take influence from Victorian styling. In addition to the more classic design, these types of tubs feature curved lines and softer edges. You may also find that these kinds of baths come with ball, dragon or claw feet to help elevate your tub and provide that sought after vintage style to your bathroom interior.

You can match these tubs with more conventional fixtures such as cross-head taps, high-cistern toilets, (that are more circular and bowl-like in shape) and basin pedestals as opposed to modern wall-hung designs. Go and have a look here!

freestanding white acrylic roll top slipper bath in front of a disused fireplace in a bathroom

Above, Trafalgar 1800mm Freestanding Roll Top Slipper Bath

Modern Baths

Contemporary baths tend to be more modern in appearance. Angular lines and interesting, unconventional shapes are what makes contemporary bathtubs stand out from the crowd. They look great when fixed with modern bathroom fixtures such as squared sink basins and sleek, minimalist taps such as chrome mixer or waterfall taps.

If this design takes your fancy, you can view our great range of contemporary baths here.

Large round acrylic white freestanding bathtub

Above, Chelsea 1800mm Freestanding Bath

Straight Baths

Probably the most common bath in UK households, a straight bath is a great practical option as it can fit snugly into your bathroom layout and it has the biggest selection of sizes to choose from. We have a great selection of designs and sizes depending on your tastes and style, which you can view here. Double-ended straight baths are also available, allowing you the option to recline at each end, depending on your preference.

White acrylic bathtub with an easy to clean glass screen

Above, Hereford 1600x700mm Square Shower Bath & 6mm Easy Clean Screen

L-Shaped Shower Baths

Big or small, everyone wants to make the most of their bathroom space. L-shaped shower baths are the perfect solution for combining both shower and bath space. The unique L-shape design allows you more room at one end of your bath so that showering is a breeze.

L shaped white acrylic bathtub with an easy to clean black lined glass screen

Above, L Shaped 1700 Shower Bath & 6mm Matt Black Easy Clean Screen with Rail

P-Shaped Shower Baths

Similar to L-shaped shower baths, P-shaped shower baths are a great space saver. The days of feeling cramped in the shower are over thanks to the added space and large curved glass at the one end of your bath. The sleek curves of this design will also bring added impact to your bathroom. P-shaped baths will look especially chic in more contemporary themed bathrooms. Take a look at our baths by clicking here.

White acrylic shower bath with front glass panel in a monochrome bathroom

Above, P Shaped 1500mm Shower Bath With Front Panel & 6mm Easy Clean Screen With Rail

Back to Wall Shower Baths

Back to wall baths are another excellent space-saving option. By installing a bath that fits close against the wall, you’ll be maximising floor space and allowing yourself extra versatility when it comes to planning your interior. There are even options that allow enough space for two people with our double-ended, back to wall baths. Create a stylish, hotel-boutique look by teaming it with a wall-mounted bath filler.

Slate grey acrylic back to wall bath in a marble tiled bathroom with dark wood effect chevron flooring

Above, Bond 1700mm Slate Grey Back To Wall Bath

Freestanding Baths

Nothing creates a sense of luxury like a freestanding bath. In addition to delivering a soothing experience, a freestanding bath is a great way to bring a focal point to your bathroom interior. We offer a wide choice of traditional baths and 4 feet choices alongside a large selection of contemporary baths and a selection of more unique colour baths.

If you’re looking to relocate your bath as part of a bigger bathroom redesign, remember that existing pipework may not always be available. New pipes may be needed if, for example, you’d like your bathtub to be installed in the centre of your room.

Large freestanding acrylic white oval shaped bath in an open plan bathroom with marble tiled walls

Above, Islington 1500mm Freestanding Bath

Bath Panels, Screens & Wastes

We offer both acrylic panels and MDF painted in white high gloss and walnut effect finish. We also have end panels available to you for where your bath may be installed into a corner.

A waste is basically a posh way of describing a plug! (Sounds a bit fancier doesn’t it?) It’s what gets rid of the bath/shower water once you’ve finished.

three black bathroom accessories hanging on a beige terrazzo wall

Above, Sofia Matt Black 3 Pieces Accessory Set

Which is better – baths or showers?

What are the advantages of showers?

> Reduces tension

> Improves circulation

> Massages the skin, especially high-pressure showers

> Lightly rinses the skin without removing any natural oils

> Quicker than a bath and it uses less water

Chrome and glass quadrant shower enclosure in the corner of a marble tiled bathroom

Above, Hamburg Easy Clean 8mm Quadrant Shower Enclosure 900x900mm – Easy Fix Feature

What are the advantages of baths?

> Relaxation – can improve circulation

> Stress relief – can add substances for added benefits (e.g. bath bombs, Epsom salt)

> Can improve sleep – helps regulate body temperature

> Relieve sore muscles and joints

> Helps to regulate blood pressure

strand 1600mm freestanding bath in white acrylic placed in a monochrome bathroom

Above, Strand 1600mm Freestanding Bath

Are baths sanitary?

Yes! If you are just washing off after a normal day then a bath will get you just as clean as a shower. The steam from a hot bath can also help to open your pores and release the dirt from your body.

What is the average cost of a bath tub?

At Bathroom Mountain, you can get a bathtub for just under £200! Acrylic bathtubs are one of the most cost-effective options for the home, and they come in a range of styles and colours to choose from.

Which bathtubs last the longest?

Acrylic baths are one of the most durable and long-lasting options for your home. Versatile, lightweight and smooth, our baths are fibreglass reinforced for additional strength, and they retain heat well, remaining warm to the touch when they are dry and at room temperature.

Do acrylic tubs crack?

Acrylic baths are resistant to chips and cracks – even if damage does occur, they can be easily repaired at an affordable price.

Does a plumber need install a bathtub?

Here at Bathroom Mountain, we advise that it is best to consider hiring a professional to install your bathtub.

We hope we’ve been able to help answer some of your burning questions about bathtubs! We love to see our customers’ projects on Instagram – tag us in yours @bathroommountain.