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Discover your perfect radiator colour!

Welcome to our vibrant world of radiators, where colour and design meets functionality and style! At Bathroom Mountain, we believe your radiator should be as unique as your bathroom. That’s why we have a beautiful range of radiators in various hues that add personality and style to your home. 

Whether you’re looking for a sleek, modern touch or a classic, elegant feel, our range of radiators comes in numerous styles to complement your home decor. From minimalist designs to more elaborate styles, find a radiator that resonates with you and your space. Dive into our palette of options! From crisp white hues to bold blacks, and from serene greys to elegant raw metal, our radiators are here to make a statement or blend seamlessly with your theme. 

Our radiators aren’t just about colours, they boast an array of finishes. Matt for a sophisticated touch, glossy for a sparkling shine, or textured for an extra dimension - the choices are endless. Whether you have a big bathroom or a cosy nook, we’ve got you covered. Our radiators come in various sizes, ensuring you find the perfect fit for your space without compromising on style or efficiency. 

Maximise your space with our vertical or horizontal designs, perfect for tight spaces or as a statement piece, these options offer flexibility in design and installation. Whether you need a gentle warmth with our single options or a more robust heat with our doubles, our radiators cater to your specific needs. 

Tailor your bathroom look with a wall-hung or floor-standing option. Enhance your space with the elegance of a wall-hung piece or the sturdiness and classic appeal of a floor-standing model. Every radiator in our range offers a blend of luxury, efficiency and style. So whether you’re renovating your first home or just looking to add a touch of luxury, our radiators are your go-to for heating solutions.